You will train efficiently and safely with 50+ Personal Trainer.

Muscle workout will take you towards stronger old age!

Single PT session 80 €


What makes you energetic?

Getting to know your body, strengths and habits.

5 x 60 mins / 3 mths
1 person 65 € / 60 mins
2 persons 58 € / person / 60 mins


How would it feel, hear and look to have a vital body?
Motivate to take yourself to the next level with your new energetic appearance.

10 x 60 mins / 6 mths
1 person 60 € / 60 mins
2 persons 53 € / person / 60 mins


Where does finding this new balance feel?
Reaching vitality you reach balanced state which brings only good things for the future.

25 x 60 mins / 12 mths
1 person 55 € / 60 mins
2 persons 48 € / person / 60 mins

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45 mins 45 €

60 mins 60 €

90 mins 85 €

Aromatherapy massage

60 mins 70 €

90 mins 90 €

Shiatsu treatment

60 mins 70 € (Pregnancy safe)

90 mins 90 €

Shiatsu shoulders, neck and head massage

30 mins 40 € (Pregnancy safe)

Pregnancy massage

30 min 40 €

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Tunteiden tasapaino

Miten reagoit erilaisiin tunteisiin? Millaisia tunteita haluat lisää? Miten huonoista tunteista voi päästää irti? Valmennus avaa sisäisen maailmankuvamme merkitystä, joka meille jokaiselle on ainutlaatuinen. Peilaamme koko ajan toisia itseemme ja tuntemukset ovat joko oma sisäinen tunne tai ulkoapäin koettu.


How do think about yourself? What more do you want in your life? What do you dream about? What kind of thoughts you want to let go?

Coaching is building consciousness of own thoughts, emotions and the action they create. Lighter thoughts and emotions make the daily meeting of others easier.

How do you react with different feelings? What kind of feelings do you want more? How to detach yourself from bad feelings?

Coaching will open the meaning of our personal and unique internal model of the world. We mirror constantly ourselves to other people and our feelings are either our internal or are experienced from outside. Understanding how the feelings are generated makes it easier to meet each other.

Do you sometimes think something like this? My dreams are too big and they will never come true. I have tried before and failed. Why would I even try? Not every person succeeds, so I am probably one of them. I might become rejected or subject to laughter.

Belief is a concept that is entirely true in our mind.

Coaching concentrates on easy NLP tasks which might make you surprise how could you have ever thought that way.

Have you already met your inner voice? How well do you listen to it? Have you ever ignored your intuition?

Intuitio is a part of emotional intelligence. It is a glimpse of knowing that the decision is correct. It is instant understanding without reasoning. Self-knowledge and self-reliance are the components of emotional intelligence.

Coaching will provide tasks that enhance self-knowledge. Intuition is sensitized by various training like calming the thoughts and relaxing the body.

The objective is to enhance self-knowledge, because every one of us has a thought about ourselves, our value and meaning. What is this thought and its consequences? When we know ourselves it increases wellness, because by dismantling our limiting believes we can start to steer our lives to desired direction. We can only change ourselves and our own thoughts.

Coaching can be for one or two persons and bigger groups. The themes are versatile and related to wellness.

The advantage of solo coaching is to concentrate on achieving the personal objective. It is a voyage to one’s own thinking patterns, skills and personal development.

Group coaching promotes and consolidates the group spirit as well as helps to understand each other better. Big insights and better solutions can be generated in a group to reach the common objective.

The concept of holistic wellness from my perspective is that thoughts and emotions, nutrition, exercise and rest are relatively balanced together. However, thoughts are the motor of our wellbeing. We are what we think.

NLP is part of every coaching session as well in individual as in group coaching. We can expand our own viewpoints with NLP. Also, we can dismantle the limiting believes that limit our actions and life even.

The price is comprised of the time, tailoring and structure, the amount of coaching sessions and possible travel costs. The coaching prices vary from a solo meeting to longer lasting coaching.

The benefit of tailoring is that it supports the objectives that have been set.