Gentle start

Get to know your own body and what you can do with it. We will go through your muscular balance to find out any major imbalances and concentrate to make weak muscles stronger. The muscular imbalances are often functional and they can be fixed by determined exercising.

After surgery

It can take a long time to recover from a surgery and that is why it is the utmost importance to start exercising yourself after the permission from your doctor.

Muscle training

Muscle training brings strength to body and will enhance your daily vibrant being. We can also prevent many illnesses caused by the lack of body system support training our muscular system.

Return of a lost fitness

Claim your body back to give it versatile exercise little by little, eating nutritious food, resting enough and keeping your thoughts clear.


Pursuit of Personal Strength

The objective of this coaching is to add self-knowledge as everybody has their own thought about themselves, their value and meaning. What is that thought and where will it take us? To increase self-knowledge is adding value to our wellbeing, because when we dismantle limiting believes we can change our lives to the direction where we want it to go. We can only change ourselves and our own thoughts.

Emotions Impact to Body

Every thought has an emotion attached to it, even in mundane matters. We can never hide our emotions as they become visible through our gestures, expressions, behaviour. We will reflect in this coaching how to recognise emotions, how our emotions are formed and how they affect our wellbeing. It is important to notice how one’s emotions make the person feel as they always affect us individually. Our emotions can be energising or making us powerless.

Stress Exit

This coaching will enhance one’s resources to recognise the negative side effects of stress to our mind and body. There are many kinds of stress and it is a common nominator to several problems we have. Stress that is causing bad feelings in us is making our immune system vulnerable and has negative effect on our health and wellbeing.

From Interaction to Connecting

This coaching will target how we communicate with others. The word interaction means traditionally that it follows certain pattern, agenda or it has predefined processes or roles whereas connecting with others is cooperative interaction without any predifined processes.