Better Body Mind Heart

You deserve a Coach to get solutions to problematic life situations as well as to exercise in a good spirit efficiently.

Your objective can be to reduce stress, value oneself more, to be more energetic, to have stronger muscles, to be more balanced.

I want to coach you to find your strengths, to enrich your thinking process, to have balance and be stronger at old age.

Getting old does not have to be boring but we can be active and have more positive mindset that helps us to be vibrant.

Coaching cornerstones

Thoughts and emotions

Our entire wellbeing begins from our thoughts. It is vital to concentrate to genuinely what one feels and wants.

My objective is to create a moment to stop and think - where am I now and where do I want to go.


How to value the meaning of exercising when happiness of own body is gone and there is lack of motivation ?

My objective is to create enthusiasm, safety and new ideas how to move the body.


Good quality sleep helps to regulate stress, improves to be more focused and lifts activity level. It is our free therapist.

My objective is give tips on how to be more relaxed and sleep better.


Food is energy, building material, information, comfort, pleasure, medicine. What is the meaning of food to yourself?

My objective is to give tips how to gain nutrition part of wellbeing. It is a combination of foods that feel good.

It is impossible to hate oneself feeling good!