We all have an idea about ourselves, about our value and meaning. What is that idea and how does it encourage us in our lives? Our wellbeing will benefit from increasing self-knowledge. When we dismantle self-limiting believes we are able to change our lives to the direction where we want to go. We can only change ourselves and our thoughts
Emotions & Body
Every thought has an emotion attached to it, even in mundane matters. We can never hide our emotions as they become visible through our gestures, expressions, behaviour. It is important to notice how one’s emotions make the person feel as they always affect us individually. Our emotions can be energising or making us powerless.
Stress Exit
To enhance one’s resources to recognise the negative side effects of stress to our mind and body. There are many kinds of stress and it is a common nominator to several problems we have. Stress that is causing bad feelings in us is making our immune system vulnerable and has negative effect on our health and wellbeing.
Move Your Body
Get to know your own body and what you can do with it. What is your muscular balance? Let's find out any major imbalances and concentrate to make weak muscles stronger. The muscular imbalances are often functional and they can be fixed by determined exercising.

Mind Coaching

You will benefit from Mind Coaching when you need to clarify your thoughts, have someone to listen and give you insight, have assistance for your life, to encourage you.

Personal Training

You will benefit from a Authorised Personal Trainer when you need to have a Coach to put you into action, to get strength to your body, to have more energy and vitality.

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The primary thought about wellbeing is that it is formed from four major areas: 1) thoughts and emotions  2) nutrition  3) exercise  4) recuperation. These four areas are the pillars of my coaching. Everything in life is working smoother when these four factors are somewhat in balance together.

The balance in body and peace of mind will help us to deal with the constant changes in our lives.

What kind of success do you want to achieve?

With Coaching towards

  • Self-knowledge

  • Understanding about how our own emotions affect ourselves as well as others and how can we regulate our emotions

  • Awareness of the impact of our actions from thinking patterns and emotional behaviour

  • Understanding to find personal resources and dismantling of limiting believes

  • Better knowledge about own body functionality and be determined to exercise the body