Thoughts and emotions are purely energy and we all are able to manage our energies. One way of doing this is with the mind’s attention. Focus creates reality. Where we put our mind’s awareness on something our intentions become more real and present in the physical world. The here and now is the only moment we can truly live in.

Identifying what state we are in is the first step to changing or enhancing it

When we focus on unhelpful thoughts we give them enormous power to run our lives. By having these unhelpful thoughts we anchor them more deep each time. Our thoughts become part of our body, our nervous system, organs.

Are you ready to master your states?

Becoming more emotionally aware is a huge first step in learning to manage our emotions

Being emotionally intelligent means that we are able to identify correctly what we are feeling, to evaluate should we connect to or disconnect  from our emotions and to be able to harness them.

Are you ready to step in these shoes of emotions?

The negative aspects of thinking errors are compounding our behaviour

Limiting beliefs are the whacking lies of our mind and really limiting us to live to our full potential. When we once start to think in certain way we tend to stick with that way of thinking. Our thoughts are not necessarily correct and might be heavily distorted for a variety of reasons.

Are you ready to identify your inner rules?

What is your level of consciousness?

  1. Life happens to me
  2. Life happens for me
  3. Life happens through me
  4. Life happens as me

Are you ready to take responsibility for your own actions?