Wellness Coaching will be useful when you have heard the same guidance  far too often, like eat less and exercise more or you want to have a change in your life but not quite sure what is the best way to start.

We all have access to multiple daily information on how to improve our wellbeing but what is best suited for oneself it can be difficult to put them into practice. Wellness Coach will guide you in person and confidentially towards your own objective.

We have various thoughts and emotions when there are changes in life style, like how to make it or succeed. Wellness Coach helps to clarify the thinking process so that the change is manageable.


What sort of daily choices do you make?

Wellbeing is a comprehensive relation between physical, mental and social dimension. It is not only related to our physical health but consists of multiple different things and the choices we make.

We make various daily selections concerning our wellbeing

Vibrant body – nutrition & exercise
Enthusiastic mind – creativity
Satisfactory social connections – interpersonal skills
Joy of success – motivation
Fulfilling personal dreams –  contentment


Why do we need coaching?

Our life style choices are defined as part of our wellbeing areas like  thoughts and emotions, nutrition, exercise habits, how well we rest, take care of our finances and our social skills. Everybody has a lot of good and bad issues in our daily lives.

Sometimes the balance in life can turn upside down in some areas which then may cause our thoughts to circulate in a loop. This may happen even when nothing has shocked our life balance and we might think what will happen. This way our thoughts are defining our future. Wellness Coach has different ways to break the thinking pattern and find a solution to reach the objective. Good Coach is orchestrating the change process and is there for the support and guiding to the right direction.

The most important thing is that you know what kind of guidance you need the most. Sometimes we want to change many areas in our life style at once but it can be too much. We are orientated to our daily habits and changing everything can be exhausting. The change can be done gradually in different areas and it is depending on personal capacity, situation in life and also how well are we supported by our close circle.


Am I the best Wellness Coach for you?

My coaching philosophy is to have good connection with others. I will coach towards your own desired or mutually set objectives with integrity. I’m empathetic , coherent and determined. Always 100% present.

When you need a coach that has genuine desire to make a better version of you, please contact me.