What do clients benefit from HiH NLP Wellness Coaching?

Self-knowledge is extremely important as we all have an idea of our self, our value and meaning. What are those thoughts and their consequences? Understanding oneself generates wellbeing, because by releasing limiting believes we can change our mindset to better meet the direction where we want to go in life. We can only change ourselves and our own thoughts.

To increase understanding of the impact of personal emotions to oneself as well as to people around us and how to moderate feelings. We are connected to our own internal mental map of the world and to the world around us through our emotions which are vital to our health. From controlling to allowing and recognising feelings!

Individuals, small groups 2-8, larger groups 8-20, lectures

HiH Coaching can be for one or two persons or even larger groups. Lectures are build around comprehensive wellbeing.

One-on-one coaching focuses on enhancing individual skills and objectives towards personal development in a way that is comfortable. It is a voyage of discovery to one’s thinking, skills and behaviour.

Group coaching promotes community and team building practices as well as helps in understanding other people. In group coaching one can have great insights and help to get everyone on the same page to meet a common goal.

The core of HiH NLP Wellness Coaching is NLP

NLP is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to our nerve system, Linguistic to spoken language and its structure, Programming to our behavioural models and patterns. NLP is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do.

A key element of NLP is that we form our unique internal mental maps of the world as a product of the way we filter and perceive information absorbed through our five senses from the world around us.

The four key wellness elements are thoughts & emotions, exercise, nutrition and recovery. These four are also part of my coaching – individually as well as together. Life is going much smoother when body, mind and feelings are relatively balanced. Finding a balance and inner peace are the key factors to adjust oneself to the constant changes that happen in life. It also harmonises how we feel about ourselves, other people’s feelings and their viewpoints. Working together towards mutual objectives becomes easier.

Tailor-made Coaching

The price varies from one coaching session to many sessions lasting several months. All coaching sessions can be performed individually or in groups having always the individual viewpoint. The benefit of tailor-made coaching, training or lecturing is that it supports client’s own objectives. A coaching well planned is half done which will channel the coaching to the right direction.

The price comprises the length, content, structure, amount of one on one meetings and possible travel costs. The coaching payment can be paid in installments without interest.

Useful to enlighten self-knowledge, self-management, self-realization through NLP presentation, NLP assignments individually and in a group

We will have a closer look and feel of, for example, the mental map of the world, identity, representational system, linguistic structure. I believe that our happiness is derived from the self-knowledge. When we know ourselves, it is easier to understand also other people. We are more motivated and take responsibility when we are happier and pleased. Feeling good and balanced make us more efficient and energetic.

Research has proven for quite some time that human is anything else but rational decision maker. John Bargh, Professor of Psychology in Yale University has adduced that almost 95% of all human behaviour happens through unconscious processes.

Useful for important negotiation, feeling unease in some social interaction, recognition of feelings and how to moderate them

Feelings in communication coaching expands the knowledge of our own feelings and how they influence in social interaction. We sense the feelings even without words. Our five senses, meta programs, personal history, intuition, operating environment, values, belief system – all these together produce 60-80000 thoughts and feelings during a day.

Where we put our attention, it grows. Is it in possibilities or what seems to be impossible to reach? Positive thinking strengthens our mind and therefore increases intelligence. The admirable consequence is that people around us start to feel also more positive as feelings are very catchy.

Useful for a positive leadership that increases results and wellness of the Manager as well as in the work community

As a Coach I am striving to identify the strengths that are needed in leadership. Positive leadership creates better work community. Both positive and negative leadership are always multiplied to collective awareness.  Social rewards create good vibes in our brains. It is important that all team members get same support and no one is left alone with their problems. Solution-oriented approach pushes things forward. Good leader is approachable and pays constant attention to subordinates’ wellbeing.

Professor Dan Ariely, MIT is one of the world’s leading researcher of decision making. He has proven that most of human decision making is based on irrational presumptions and only fraction of our actions is coherent. It is important that anyone in a leading position has the required emotional intelligence components like self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills.

Easy appearance, tools for nervousness, getting the message through

Different people in the audience handle the received information in their personal map of the world. It is important to be able to deliver the message to all sorts of people in smaller or larger groups. Giving a presentation is not all about words, but there are feelings of the speaker as well as audience’s. The base to find a natural presentation state is to pay attention to posture, gestures, movement, tone and rhythm of the voice.

Relaxed and natural presence is the key issue in whatever situation the presentation skills are in use.